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All prices for the period of 1st of March - 30th of June as well as the period 1st of September - 30th of June are without breakfast. The prices for the period 1st of July - 31st of August include breakfast (BB).
  1st of March - 30th of June 1st of July - 31st of August 1st of Sept. - 30th of June 2010
Double room 30 BGN 50 BGN 30 BGN
Double luxury room 40 BGN 55 BGN 40 BGN
Apartment 55 BGN 75 BGN 55 BGN
  Extra bed (only in a double luxury room)10 BGN
  discount prices for a weekly package
Double room 175 BGN 315 BGN 175 BGN
Double luxury room 250 BGN 345 BGN 250 BGN
Apartment 345 BGN 470 BGN 345 BGN
*The payment is delivered cash at arrival.
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